Macadamia Goat Cheese {Vegan and Raw}

Raw and Vegan Macademia Goat Cheese

This raw and vegan nut cheese will easily be mistaken for its goat cheese cousin. The tangy taste and the smooth texture are so similar to real goat cheese, yet it is not so rich and heavy. This is a delicious dairy-free and raw cheese recipe that I adapted from the basic macadamia cheese recipe by the… 

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3-Ingredient Green Tea Ice Cream {Dairy-Free, no ice cream maker required}

Green Tea Ice Cream {Dairy-Free}

A frozen treat is always so enjoyable in the summertime! Did you know that you could make your own homemade ice cream without using an ice cream maker? Yes, you can make your own dairy-free ice cream with your high speed blender. This green team ice cream is made with only 3 simple ingredients: coconut cream,… 

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Turnip Pasta with Brussel Sprout Alfredo {Vegan, Gluten-Free}

Turnip Pasta with Brussel Sprout Alfredo

I love to use my spiralizer to create some beautiful and low-calorie vegetable pasta dishes such as this zucchini pasta, butternut squash pasta, zucchini ribbon salad. Since turnip is one of  my favourite vegetable, I decided to try turning it into pasta. Turnip is a pretty hard vegetable, but it passed the spiralizer test without… 

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Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Turnip Pasta with Vegan Alfredo Sauce

Cashews are often used to make vegan cheeses and sauces. I previously made vegan cream cheese and today I thought I would attempt making a creamy vegan alfredo sauce with cashews. It is great to have on hand to prepare a quick meal. On the picture below, you can see this sauce used to make… 

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Coleslaw with Creamy Artichoke Dressing

Coleslaw with Creamy Artichoke Dressing - Gluten-Free and Vegan

This salad is so colourful and delicious with the creamy artichoke dressing. I used olive oil marinated artichoke hearts for the base of the dressing and the result is so creamy and tasty. It is such a great alternative to the mayonnaise based dressing that is usually used in coleslaw. To make it more colourful,… 

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Vegan Banana Choco-Nut Milkshake

Banana Choco-Nut Milkshake - Vegan

This smoothie is so rich and chocolaty, I had no choice but call it a milkshake. It makes for a nice dairy-free breakfast, snack or desert. I make it with raw cocoa nibs that my brother brought me from Peru. Cocoa nibs are bits of crushed cocoa beans, which means they have no sugar and are… 

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