Macadamia Goat Cheese {Vegan and Raw}

Raw and Vegan Macademia Goat Cheese

This raw and vegan nut cheese will easily be mistaken for its goat cheese cousin. The tangy taste and the smooth texture are so similar to real goat cheese, yet it is not so rich and heavy. This is a delicious dairy-free and raw cheese recipe that I adapted from the basic macadamia cheese recipe by the… 

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Herb and Garlic Cashew Cream Cheese With Rejuvelac

Vegan Cashew Cream Cheese with Rejuvelac

When I was a kid, I fell into a brick of cheese and this is where the love story began.  I have always been intrigued by vegan cheeses. After reading the Artisan Vegan Cheese cookbook, I finally decided to prepare some cashew cream cheese. The result is outstanding: you get a really smooth and silky… 

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