Roots, Rants and Roars Food Festival in Elliston, Newfoundland

Roots Rants and Roars - Dale Mckay

Can you imagine a whole weekend dedicated to celebrating the amazing food, culture, land and sea of Newfoundland? This is happened last weekend along the rugged coast line of the Bonavista Peninsula, where hundreds of root cellars that have survived many storms and many years are scattered throughout the landscape, adding an incredible charm to the… 

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Vegan Umami or The Secret Fifth Flavour: A Review of Cooking Course at The Natural Gourmet Institute

Vegan Umami Cooking Course at The Natural Gourmet Institute

Umami – this mysterious word describes the fifth basic taste (the other four being sweet, salty, sour and bitter). This secret fifth taste is a savoury flavour that is known as “the taste beyond the taste“. It is described as a brothy, meaty and earthy taste that gives you the mouthwatering feeling that makes you want to lick your plate!… 

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Wild Rose Herbal Detox – Menu for the 12 Day Cleanse

Wild Rose Detox Cleanse Menu

The 12 day cleanse has come to an end and looking back, it was definitely worth it! There were some challenging days (mainly day 3 to 5, when there was a major snow storm, we had rolling blackouts and I was trying to fight the sugar/chocolate cravings), but overall, I am feeling so great and ready to continue eating delicious healthy foods! On… 

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