Macadamia Goat Cheese {Vegan and Raw}

Raw and Vegan Macademia Goat Cheese

This raw and vegan nut cheese will easily be mistaken for its goat cheese cousin. The tangy taste and the smooth texture are so similar to real goat cheese, yet it is not so rich and heavy. This is a delicious dairy-free and raw cheese recipe that I adapted from the basic macadamia cheese recipe by the… 

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Rejuvelac – How to Make A Fermented Energizing Drink

Rejuvelac made with Sprouted Quinoa

Have you ever heard of Rejuvelac? Rejuvelac is that cloudy drink with a tangy taste that you may have seen it in health food store alongside Kombucha drinks. Rejuvelac is a fermented liquid that is filled with natural probiotics, lactic acid, vitamins and minerals. It helps with digestion and is a commonly used beverage in… 

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