Basic Granola Recipe {Gluten-Free, Vegan}

Basic Granola Recipe {Gluten-Free, Vegan}

Here is my basic granola recipe that has become a household staple. This simple recipe will ensure you always have a delicious and healthy gluten-free breakfast. What is so great about this recipe is that you can tailor it depending on your preferences and based on what you have in your pantry. No matter what ingredients you… 

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Blueberry Yogurt Muffin {Gluten-Free}

Blueberry Yogurt Muffins {Gluten-Free}

These muffins are so moist and contain so many blueberries, you will love them instantly! They are the perfect breakfast or healthy snack. When I was growing up, my mom used to make blueberry yogurt muffins almost every week. As I watched her cook, I was so amazed at the magic that made the yogurt… 

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Crunchy Pumpkin Spice Granola {Gluten-Free, Vegan}

Crunchy Pumpkin Spice Granola

October is here and so are pumpkins! Here is the recipe for a super crunchy and spicy granola made with pumpkin puree and delicious of fall spices. This granola is very simple to prepare, yet so delicious! The flavours that you will find in your bowl will bring you so much comfort on a fresh fall morning…. 

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Crunchy Overnight Dill Pickles

Overnight Dill Pickles

Dill pickles are one of my favourite – they are such a tasty topping to add to a sandwich, burger, or simply a side to a delicious meal. This pickle recipe is different than other recipes: it is super easy to make, it is quick and the pickles stay really really crunchy. They are so… 

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Homemade Vegetable Lasagna with Fresh Gluten-Free Noodles

Homemade Gluten-Free Lasagna

Lasagna is one of my favourite meal. Eating a tasty homemade lasagna is like cuddling up with a large woolen blanket after a day of hiking in the snow – it is just so warming and comforting. I know, it’s still summer, but lasagna is just that type of meal that is delicious all year… 

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Crispy Portobello Bacon {Vegan, Gluten-Free}

Crispy Portobello Bacon

Crispy, meaty and bursting with flavour… This is what you will taste if you make this amazing mushroom bacon recipe. What!?! can I hear you say, mushroom bacon? Yes, you read correctly: this is a vegan bacon made with portobello mushrooms. When I went to the Natural Gourmet Institute, we made shiitake bacon and it was… 

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Basil Spinach Pesto {Vegan}

Spinach Pesto {Vegan}

Pesto is one of those pantry staples that are always great to have on hand to add burst of flavour to a meal. When basil is in season, I love to make a large batch of pesto and freeze it. This allows me to add “fresh” basil to my dishes year round. Today, I am… 

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Refreshing Raspberry Lemonade {Sugar-Free}

Raspberry Lemonade with Coconut Water {Sugar-Free}

Lemonade on a hot day is just so refreshing. It brings back childhood memories of summertime spent in the pool or at the summer camp. However, a tasty lemonade usually requires loads of sugar. When I was daydreaming about a cool lemonade, Chia fresca came to my mind. This delicious drink with coconut water and lime juice is… 

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Macadamia Goat Cheese {Vegan and Raw}

Raw and Vegan Macademia Goat Cheese

This raw and vegan nut cheese will easily be mistaken for its goat cheese cousin. The tangy taste and the smooth texture are so similar to real goat cheese, yet it is not so rich and heavy. This is a delicious dairy-free and raw cheese recipe that I adapted from the basic macadamia cheese recipe by the… 

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How to Prepare a Smoothie Pack in 5 Easy Steps – Banana Cherry Pie Smoothie Recipe

Banana Cherry Pie Smoothie in a Pack

It is summertime and I love starting my day with a superfood smoothie. Since I am usually in a hurry in the morning and don’t always have time to chop fruits, veggies and take out my jars of superfoods or grains (chia seeds, oats, matcha tea, maca powder, etc), I started making my own frozen smoothie… 

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